Five New Breitling Chronograph Wacthes

13NaviTimer B01 46mm

From the new NaviTimer works, Breitling begin focuses on a big size professional watches adds NaviTimer Dual Time into it to richen its series of products. Now let’s have look at the Breitling NaviTimer 46-mm. Over years, This breitling replica is fitted with its home-made B01 movement and keeps 43 mm size. But this year, it extended the size to 46 mm to increase the area of the dial. Comparing to the old one, the new chronograph will be changed into a see-through one which can look through the B01 automatic movement through it.

Breitling Airborne

In order to celebrate the 30 anniversary of its flagship watches, Breitling announced to produce special watches with more astounding skills and professional look. Early in 1980, when Breitling planned to sell its company to Ernest Schenider, it received orders from Frecce Tricolori who expressed their thought that they wanted to invited Breitling as the official chronograph supply. So Breitling focused its attention in developing professional watches, and closely cooperated with the fleet, so every small detail on the watch can satisfy the professional need for aerial men. In 1983, it was accepted by Frecce Tricolori and become the official supply.

Bentley B04 GMT

Bentley represents the essential British fashion, and Breitling Bentley Bo4 has Light Body Dual Time adjust system and applied light titanium material and is equipped with a B04 movement, which quite a British style. The New breitling replica watches uk are the best combination of grace, style and performance. Through the thick lug, the whole watch looks an original and brave. Being different from most GMT watches, this watch has a world timer bezel that could adjust the local time. B04 movement Dual Time already existed but they had no titanium edition, so the steel, black steel, rose steel and titanium style are the first one, but, it costs more.

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